Модели :  BCM1325D 5 AXIS 

Приложение :Mould industry, decoration industry, furniture industry,Large metalloid moulds, building model,automotive foam mold, wooden ship model, rail wooden mold ,wooden model aviation, and wooden mold train  

Время выполнения : 45 working days

Сертификат : CE ISO2015:9001 

Напряжение :380V  

Индивидуальные :available  

Гарантия : 3 Years

Возможность поставки : 10 set/months

Зарубежный складской офис : Dubai , Gernmany ,United Kingdom

E-mail: admin@bcamcnc.com
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1.MATERIAL: Solid Wood , Aluminium ,Composite material ,Foam ,PVC,Granite、Marble、Limestone、Slate、Travertine、Basalt
2. Constant Tip Speed Machining – Automatically varies the machine feed speed to allow the tip of tool to maintain a constant speed. This feature synchronizes the linear and rotary movements ensuring a constant and smooth cutting motion.
3. Volumetric 3D Laser Compensation – This procedure is standard on all machines prior to shipment to our customers. This feature compensates for position errors within the three dimensional working envelope of the machine.

4.Linear  Compensation – This procedure is standard  on all machines during the construction phase and compensates for inherent variances in components during machine construction.

5.Fixture Placement Compensation - Allows the user to mechanically locate three points on a fixture during initial  program set up. These points are used as reference for our controller to automatically align the program to the new fixture location. 

6.Tip Center Rotation - Allows for maintaining tool tip positioning when commanding a rotary axis to move in coordination with two or more linear axis.



The control system of BCAM1325S-5 AXIS adopts the more advanced Taiwan Syntec system, which is widely acclaimed internationally and can perfectly control 3axis, 4, 5, 6, 8axis. The Syntec system can work online and WiFi links, greatly increasing the intelligence of the device.

Italian HSD 9.5KW(12HP) Electrospindle with 12-position Automatic Tool Changer(ISO30). 

Feed Rate:

X Axis  3150ipm(80mpm)

Y Axis  3150ipm(80mpm)

Z Axis  735ipm(18.7mpm)

Y Axis   3150ipm(80mpm)

A and C Axes 82.5 degree/sec

Acc/Dec  205in/sec2

Axis Travel 

BCM1530 5 AXIS   1500*3000*800MM 

A Axis   ±120° 

C Axis   ±213° 




Aviation aluminum vacuum countertop/cast iron countertop are available for optional ,Support customization of special tooling fixtures according to processed products

Tool Changer

Max Quantity     15 tools 

Max Diameter    3.25" (82mm) positions full; 6.5" (165mm) adjacent positions empty

Max Weight       12 lbs each / 96 lbs total (5.4kg / 43.5kg)

Max Length        11" (280mm)




Auto lubricating system, one touch can finish periodic maintenance easily.

Panel Loading system with scissor lift and automatic panel alignment. The system ease of use ensures long term reliability .also Moving the panel with dynamic vacuum sunction cup loading system , A solution that adats to all sureface types.aps_adv00.jpgo_19ktf07rtgli1blt1lce3c48bof_副本.jpg



5 Axis CNC router machine

●  Working area: 1300*2500*650MM/1500*3000*650mm/customized
●  CE standard
●  Italy 13.5kw Italy HSD air cooling spindle  cooled Up to 24,000, fully programmable HSK 63
●  20mm Heavy duty body(It can afford 3 tons )
●  X ,Y axis gear transmission, Z axis Taiwan TBI ball screw transmission
●  Taiwan Hiwin 35 rails
●  T-slot Table
●  Schneider Electronic spare parts
●  Automatic lubration system
●  Taiwan Syntec 5 axis Control System 
●  Japan Omron limit switch
●  High Torque Leadshine stepper motor and drivers
●  Fuling Inverter 18kw
●  Tool height sensor
●  Standard box of tools
●  Tools cooling system
●  Solid Wood, PVC ,MDF,Foam,Aluminum 3D machining
Standard Specifications BCM1325D 5AXIS CNC router
X,Y,Z Working Area
Spindle Power

Italy 9kw/13.5kw/17.5kw Italy HSD air cooling spindle  cooled Up to 24,000, fully programmable HSK/BT

X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy
Table Surface
Vacuum table + T-solt table
X,Y,Z Rail and Trasmission
X Y axis gear transmission, Z axis TaiwanTBI Ball Screw
Max. Rapid Travel Rate
Max. Working Speed
Cutting thickness
According materials
Spindle Speed
Drive Motors
4 sets 750W Yaskawa servo motor and drivers
Working Voltage
AC380v/50HZ/3 phase
Command Language
G Code
Operating System
Taiwan Syntec 6MB control system
Software Compatibility
Running Environment
Temperature: 0℃~45℃ Relative Humidity: 30%~75%

BCM D Series 5-axis CNC routers for sale are designed to increase precision, speed, and versatility in your production process. Manufactured with state-of-the-art components and innovative technology, these 5-axis CNC routers are ideal for use in virtually any industrial production process.

Each 5-axis CNC router features five fully synchronized axes to meet even the most demanding production requirements, from routing to milling. Choose a twin moving table to boost productivity, or a single stationary table to free up floor space. These 3d router 5 axis vertical machining center machines easily handle substantial workloads, including large amounts of wood, plastic, aluminum, and corrugated materials. Additionally, these machines are ideal for manufacturing marine and automotive parts as well as molded product trimming on curved 3D 5 axis mill surfaces. Regardless of the model you choose, these 5-axis CNC machines will impress every time.

We can customized Any size for Customer requestion , if you have special request , you can eamil us , our Engineer  team will design it for your request for free. 

Our customer service agents and technical support team are available seven days a week to assist you. Our team of trained professionals can assist you through operator training, technical direction, and on-site support. 

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